from E17 to the World
from E17 to the World
How Can You Help?

Rob would like to hear from anyone with any connection to the Factory.  Irrespective of what that connection is or when it it was.  It may be that you or a relative worked there or worked for a supplier; perhaps you worked on the orginial building, in maintenance, the staff shop or canteen - these are all important as the press operators.

We've already spoken to people as diverse as working at the labels; visited on a school careers trip; drove the trucks between Chadwell Heath and the Factory in the 70s; a studio engineer; a sleeve printer/designer and many others.

If you would email us via the
Contact Us page even just giving the briefest of details - we'll come back to you very quickly.  If we use your information we'll credit the memory to you (or not if you'd prefer).  The intention here is to get a wide range of information from the people who know because they were there.

The Factory opened in 1952 and closed it's doors in 1988 so there will be a lot of knowledge out there.

Thanks for reading  - We hope to hear from you soon.